Cruz-Diez, Induction chromatique à double Fréquence

Following the great success of the exhibition, “Carlos Cruz-Diez: Color Transfiguration,” organized by Véronique de Lavenne at Marlborough Gallery in Monaco from March 19th to May 26th 2015, Cruz-Diez studio offered her a position as a consultant, to oversee sales and artist promotion.
Through Moving Art, Véronique de Lavenne participates in the valuation of the work of Carlos Cruz-Diez and the artists bound to the kinetic movement.

If you would like to receive more information on Cruz-Diez’s latest news and upcoming exhibitions, or to inquire about a price, restoring an artwork, submitting your artwork either for record in the catalogue raisonné or for sale, please email: contact@moving-art.fr.

Carlos Cruz-Diez (Caracas, 1923) lives and works in Paris since 1960. He is one of the key artists of optical and kinetic art. As a color theorist, his artistic research led him on to a new cognitive approach of color phenomena, one that considerably amplified his entire field of perception. His artworks pertain to the four following chromatic situations: subtractive, inductive, additive, and reflective. His work is largely structured around eight investigations: Additive colors, Physichromia, Chromosaturation, Chromoscopia, and Space Coloration. Carlos Cruz-Diez also creates numerous installations in urban space and architecture.