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by Véronique de Lavenne, Special issue #14, March 2017 - Force One Magazine


Moving Art organizes temporary exhibitions where you can purchase artworks at preferential rates. Moving Art also organizes art exhibitions for collectors subsequent to purchase, so they can showcase their new acquisitions.

  • Evaluation of your office space to determine its optimal use,
  • Consideration of budget limitations,
  • Scenographic simulations depicting artworks in the newly created environment,
  • Improvement of working environments, proven to correlate with employee performance enhancement,
  • Beneficial terms of acquisition.

Acquisitions consulting and follow-up

Moving Art helps you build your own cultural heritage, assisting with either the buying process or follow-up procedures involved in art purchase. Art collecting is a fortunate experience that also constitutes a worthwhile investment. Moving Art provides access to a diverse selection of artworks.

  • Creation of your cultural legacy,
  • Expert advice pertaining to the choice of works, purchases or orders,
  • Counsel on tax exemption and financing options,
  • Multi-year payment plans facilitate investing,
  • Certificates of authenticity provided for all acquisitions.

Art events

Moving Art can also assist in event planning for occasions such as staff days, inaugurations, meetings in exceptional venues, or simply on company premises. Moving Art’s custom-design approach allows clients to host events that impress. We can arrange exhibitions, private viewings, conferences, performances, art dinners, and meetings with artists. Furthermore, we also organize cultural getaways such as visits to museums, artist studios, auction sales, galleries, and art fairs.

  • Exceptional experiences created for guests and/or employees,
  • Original events that extend beyond typical “off-site” venues,
  • Expert input in choosing the event,
  • Art discovery for the non-initiated,
  • Complete event logistics.

Tax exemption

  • les loyers payés pour de la location d'œuvres sont entièrement déductibles du résultat imposable de votre entreprise et permettent ainsi de réduire vos impôts. Une société soumise à l'IS peut obtenir une réduction d'impôt qui équivaut jusqu'à 33% du prix de location (en fonction des bénéfices) et dans ce cas, si elle loue par exemple des oeuvres pour un budget de 6.000 € à l'année, elle génère près de 2.000 € d'économie d'impôt.
  • Purchases of works by living artists (French or foreign) are subject to a reduction of a company’s taxable profits up to 0.5% of total revenue HT,
  • The obligation to exhibit within a company’s spaces accessible to employees, contractors, customers, or the public is limited to 5 years, i.e. the period of site amortization,
  • All original works by contemporary artists are furthermore excluded from territorial taxes (formerly referred to as professional taxes).
Histoire de gants 9, broderie, aquarelle et assemblage
des choses et des choses 10 - 30 x 30 cm
BM-Davide-Benati copie2
Fabiana Cruz - Imaginary-Instruments-7-The-Hand-Wave
Beatriz Moreno Révélation(s)
moving art 2
Physichromie 1865, 100x150 cm, Paris, 2013
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